Coaching in the NHS

Sasha Wallace is an experienced Project Manager in the NHS who is registered as an external Coach for the NHS Leadership Academy.

NHS organisations can book 1:1 sessions for individual members of staff and plan team workshops on areas such as transition, resilience, stress management, effective communication and work/life balance.

Do I need a coach or mentor?

You may be unsure as to whether you need a coach or a mentor. The main differences between coaching and mentoring are detailed below:


  • Ongoing relationship that can last for a long time
  • Can be more informal and meetings can take place as and when the client needs advice, guidance or support
  • More long-term and takes a broader view of the person
  • Mentor is usually more experienced and qualified than the client; often a senior person in the organisation who can pass on knowledge, experience and can open doors to otherwise out- of-reach opportunities


  • Relationship generally has a set duration
  • Generally more structured in nature and meetings are scheduled regularly
  • Short-term and focused on specific development areas/issues
  • Coaching is generally not determined by the level of experience the coach has of the client’s formal occupational role – rather this professional distance can help to unearth assumptions that people from the same field accept uncritically

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Sasha Wallace Horizons provides sessions for NHS employees on a range of areas including:

  • Time Management
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Stress Management and Building Resilience
  • Career and Leadership Development
  • Communication and Confidence
  • Health and Wellbeing

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Please CONTACT Sasha Wallace for an in-confidence discussion.

What your coach will expect from you:

You need to be open to the potential of coaching, and be able to contribute to conversations honestly and openly. Your coach will expect you to stay committed to the process, which means attending sessions, taking your own notes and keeping any agreements you made during the sessions.

Coaching and Business Consultancy for a Better Quality of Life

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