Coaching for Business

“Broaden your horizons today and invest in a brighter tomorrow”

Are you building a small to medium-size enterprise, or thinking about starting one?

If you aren’t achieving the success you want right now, launch your business to the next level with a Enhancer or Expert coaching package to get you back on track. It’s your business so you set the agenda and pace. Whatever your business needs to improve, you can achieve in through powerful business coaching.

What’s missing from your current business performance……

  • understanding the values, message and USP (unique selling point) of your company
  • engaging with your audience and your staff and increasing your customer base
  • writing a business plan to attract investors or investment
  • creating an effective marketing strategy
  • mastering an entrepreneur mind-set

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MBTI and Business Coaching

NEW! As a Registered Practitioner in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool, Sasha Wallace is offering a complementary service to sit along side the business coaching. You can now explore your personality and communication style through MBTI and learn how you are at your best, and strategies for development.

Choose to focus on outcomes in Communication, Stress Management, Conflict-Style, Decision-Making or Career. 

You will learn how you prefer to:

  • interact with your environment
  • communicate with yourself and others
  • behave both in work and life situations

By understanding the vital aspects of your unique character, you can use this information to work in your favour, helping you re-pave your career or business pathway towards success.

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See what business clients have said…….

“Sasha’s coaching has been extremely helpful, particularly as I am at a pivotal point in my career, and have only just started the running of two businesses. Before I started coaching with Sasha I had issues about confidence and assertiveness that needed to be resolved and I have since made great progress. Sasha has the ability to look at an issue objectively, get to the root of the problem and through intelligent questioning enabled me to find my own answers. Sasha is very methodical in her approach, but with an empathy that is comforting and makes the whole process friendly and warm as opposed to intimidating” Ms P Martin. Poppy Industries. Brixton


Coaching and Business Consultancy for a Better Quality of Life

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