Coaching FAQS

How many sessions will I need?
If you know what you want and are ready to take action now, then we may agree 6 sessions will cover it effectively. If you are not sure what you want yet, or have many goals that you’d like to work on, then we may agree that a course of 9-12 sessions is more appropriate. You can always book more sessions. The minimum amount of coaching sessions you can book is 6.
How often can I receive coaching?
Sessions are ideally taken weekly or fortnightly, and in some cases on a monthly basis. The frequency of the sessions is set by prior agreement between the Coachee and the Coach, with at least 3 days between sessions to allow the thinking process to mature and give time for follow up on agreed actions.
How long do the sessions last?
Personal Coaching and Leadership Coaching sessions are 60 – 90 minutes, as agreed in advance with the Coach. Business Coaching sessions can be combined into 120 minute sessions. Team Coaching Workshops are booked as half-day or full day sessions.

Are these coaching sessions confidential?
Yes. Coaching sessions are held in the strictest confidence, and the content of the discussions is not disclosed to anyone, except at the request of the Coachee.
Do I have to travel to where my Coach is?
No, not necessarily. Some Clients prefer face-to-face coaching, while many others enjoy the process of telephone (or Skype) coaching, which is just as meaningful and you can do it from the comfort of your own home or office, at times that fit around you. One-to-one coaching sessions are hosted in the 6th Floor Members’ Lounge of the Royal Festival Hall at Waterloo in London which is comfortable and peaceful with inspiring views over the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament.
Will my Coach ring me for Telephone Coaching?
No. The Client rings the Coach at the scheduled time. Free SKYPE calling is used regularly and it is free to set up a account. Please ask your Coach for more details.
Can I contact my Coach if I need support in between sessions?
Yes. Each coaching programme allows for email contact support in between sessions. Telephone contact will be charged as an ‘additional’ session and must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.
How do I pay?
Payment for coaching is required in full in advance, by bank transfer, or can be spread across three monthly instalments subject to a 10% admin fee. Payment by PayPal is also accepted + their 3.5% fee.
What if I have to cancel a session?
Cancellations received with 24 hours notice can be re-arranged without incurring a charge. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the session will incur the full fee for the session.
What if I am late for a session?
If you are late to meet, or to call the Coach, then the session will run for the scheduled amount of time, and will not be extended to allow for lateness.
What if I decide I want to stop the coaching?
Termination of the coaching contract must be submitted in writing to the Coach at the following address: Sasha Wallace Horizons, 384 Upper Richmond Road West. London. SW14 7JU. United Kingdom.

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