The Good Food Cookery School awaits…….

safe_imageInspired and created by Andrew Yiallouros (a brilliant friend of mine from university days), The Good Food Cookery School is a fantastic project in the heart of East London, bringing colour, passion and a conscience back into the kitchen.
Andrew is on a big mission this month to raise development funds for this tasty social enterprise. I am a happy supporter of The Good Food Cookery School, and love their commitment to healthy, hearty eating. Read their latest article below.
The Good Food Cookery School
Do you know that up to 2 million years ago, when we started cooking our food, human evolution changed direction and our brains started growing bigger due to the increased nutrition cooking gave us? This led to the beginnings of culture because we could hunt a little less.
Fast forward to 12,000 years ago and our evolution and society changed again, when we moved from hunter gathering to agriculture and farming. This time the change was huge and sowed the seeds for everything you see around you today; from religion, to music, to art and politics! 
Further pivotal changes occurred at other times but a key overlooked moment is the late 1970s, and the 1980s and 90s when we saw the rise of the supermarket and packaged and processed foods. This combined with the psychological and social changes on the work and home front, all led to a disconnect between food and ourselves.
We now rely on others, on chemicals, packaging, non-natural and processed foods; we don’t make the time to be, cook and eat together; grabbing something quick or buying something that we could make for ourselves just as easily; we transport food from all around the globe, putting local food chains out of kilter.
Do you know that this latest change is a big cause of:
  • World hunger (e.g. food is grown for the west in countries where there are starving people)
  • Pollution (e.g. in the transport of food around the world)
  • Global warming (e.g. one of the biggest contributors to green house gases is the meat industry)
  • Environmental destruction (e.g. the creation of packaging and the waste it produces)
  • The rise of the destructive and ethical corporation (e.g. Starbucks and their UK tax bill)
  • Alienation within and between society (e.g. we used to make food and eat together, we now do this alone so much more)
  • The destruction of the local community (e.g. because of supermarkets and the quest to make a buck and the pressure this puts on ethics)
  • Apathy (e.g. if everything is made easy, difficult things seem more difficult and are less likely to be attempted so if stuff is done for me, I get used to that as “the way things are done”)
  • Disease (e.g. the growing use of chemicals and antibiotics in the food chain)
  • “Difficult” children: (e.g. the chemicals, sugar and poor quality (and energetically damaged) food that they eat)

There is so much more that I could say….but:

Can you now see what I see, that food and better knowledge about it and its preparation really really really is THE key to fixing this world we live in?

If you do, it should not surprise you that ALL the worlds cultures, religions and societies hold food in a special position and always have done.

That is, until now.

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The Good Food Cookery School

A cookery school with fun, unique & interesting cookery classes centred around simple, healthy & nutritious food for kids & adults in the heart of East London!

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