It’s Easy to Reach Your Goals (If You Know How)

Big When E-Zine LogoJanuary is behind us and 2013 is officially in full swing. Have you stuck to your resolutions?

We all set goals at the start of the new year; mostly to improve our health, our job prospects, our relationships, and our lifestyle. In fact a massive 70% of us set resolutions in January, but only a mere 20% of us are still going strong at the start of February.  Do you know why this number is so low?

The reason is most people don’t have a game plan to achieve them; yes they really do want to reach their goals, but that just isn’t enough.

To achieve goals we need three essential components:

  • The burning DESIRE to change or improve some aspect of your personal or professional life
  • A solid STRATEGY with a schedule of milestones and a deadline
  • The unrelenting WILL to take action on each step in your plan.

If you have all three of these components then I salute you; you have what it takes to stay on track and get what you want. But if you have tried and failed to achieve your goals in the past, or you just don’t know where to start, then a performance coach can provide the extra push that you need to succeed.

Your coach will help to raise your awareness about what you want, and assist you in creating a strategy that works around your schedule, with challenging but realistic steps to aim for.  Finally, and most importantly, your coach will hold you accountable to your plan of action, and motivate you to do what is necessary to get ahead. With a coach on one side, and your sincere commitment to change on the other, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

If you are interested in finding a coach, don’t do anything before you have read my Insider Report: 12 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Coach.

Here’s to your success!

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