Foundations – Part 3 of 3: Spirit…the spiritual (and emotional) foundation

This image is called Spa Icons by digitalart.

As promised, here is the final part of the 3- part series on the essential foundations that you need to satisfy in order to achieve a good life balance.
Today was the perfect recipe of spiritual food and emotional balance that I adore and I had to write about it.

In the first part of this blog I mentioned how the foundations will often overlap and will compliment and satisfy one another. This is really good, and means you get double the good stuff in half the time.

My hydro routine at my health club has 4 steps and it benefits more than just the physical and fitness foundations for me; it gets me onto a wavelength that is really centred. I zone out slightly; the energy flow is still there but it’s just a quieter frequency. There is also a pattern of mental awareness that occurs each time; I may have installed this pattern myself over time but now it happens like clockwork. So this process actually meets my physical, mental and spiritual needs. Amazing!


I love to swim (step 1); especially after a long week (which I’ve had) – the cleansing weightless quality of the water unfurls my muscles. At first I feel a bit taut and unpractised but then after a length or two a new strength takes over and it all becomes easy and automatic, and my power increases with each breath. I can feel the stress floating out of me and the thoughts and events of the week just tumble around my head in no particular order. The awareness of them is all I have. Today I did 20 lengths of the pool. The next stop is the steam room (step 2). It’s misty and close in this room and it’s just about letting the heat take over and unwind the muscles. I don’t ‘think’ in here exactly…it’s too hot, but I can sense the more negative thoughts rise to the surface just like the steam around me. I watch the thoughts go as if separate from them, but don’t pay heed to their influence.

Once I step into the sauna (step 3) I can feel that my body and my mind has rid itself of its toxins, and I feel calm and hopeful. I don’t (or can’t) think in here at all; I lie down and just be. It’s cosy and restful and quiet. I revel in these moments; they are rare and special. The last space of my hydro tour is the jacuzzi (step 4). (I forgot to mention that in between each step in this process I use the powerful waterfall shower next the pool that cleanses me after each session – if you know about NLP it ‘breaks state’ between each step, and I’m a blank slate once more.)
So the jacuzzi; it’s like the icing on the cake. In here, my mind, now refreshed and clear from steps 1-3, starts to buzz again. I do my best thinking in the invigorating jet bath, and I’ve conjured some of my best business ideas in these times. And I take a long moment to be grateful for everything and everyone I have (because this is the secret to success – spiritual and otherwise – but that is a blog story for another time….)

I topped off today’s hydro session with an Ayurvedic Oshadi Wrap in the Tranquility Spa – a muscle reviving spa treatment where they exfoliate the skin and invigorate the circulation using gorgeous essential oils and scrubs of clove, western Indian bay and peppermint. They then cover you in the green Oshadi clay and wrap you in foil so that your muscles warm through nicely. While I’m ‘cooking’ the therapist gives me an incredible Indian head massage. I’m in heaven. I look like a mummy at the time but feel like an Egyptian Queen afterwards. I have a treatment of this kind each month, which is my gift to myself for working hard and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

You may be thinking that I take my routine a bit too seriously, and you’d be right; I take it very seriously. Looking after your body, mind and spirit is so so important, and surprisingly ignored by many. Connecting to your higher self is essential too, however you do it. Just make sure you do it. As a work/life balance coach, I can’t support my clients to be the best versions of themselves if I’m not walking that path myself.
If you can’t afford to join a health club or spa then you can find other ways to chill and centre yourself. Run a hot bubble bath, turn on some peaceful music, light some scented candles and drift away. Bliss! There are lots of other ideas in my book Big When Little When. The e-book is free to download from my website:

Enjoy your life – it’s the only one you’ve got.

‘Spa Icons’ by digitalart. Courtesy of



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