Foundations: Part 2 of 3 – Mind…..the mental foundation

It can be tiring finding enough brain food to stimulate and satisfy my ever-growing mental appetite but it’s a commitment I adore and cherish and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I couldn’t be content watching mind-numbing TV every night; sometimes a relaxing night in is called for but that’s just to vary my routine (and I do devour about 5-10 movies per week so that nourishes my imagination no end).

Because I operate on a very high energy frequency I need to monitor my work/life balance levels (and it is precisely this careful control of my own behaviour and schedule that makes me an expert work/life balance coach.) In the next part of this blog series I’ll tell you how I compliment all of this activity with the spiritual and emotional foundations of relaxation and rest.

In the last two weeks I have engaged in all of these activities, many of them taking place every day. (And I manage these items around a 9-5 job, a private coaching practice, and my volunteer coaching activities)

Watching Ted talks on
Listening to audio recordings by Richard Bandler and Anthony Robbins
Reviewing E-books for fellow authors
Watching Derren Brown hypnosis programs on YouTube
Promoting my book and my coaching workshops
Researching my dissertation for my NLP Practitioner qualification
Writing my bigwhenlittlewhen blog
Consulting new clients
Listening to the audio-book of The Alchemist
Reading/responding to emails
Re-purposing my book for re-release
Texting my partner, friends, coaching colleagues and clients
Listening to coaching seminars and book publishing summits
Organising my diary (so that all of this is even possible!)

And if you’re wondering how I fit all of this in around my day job and business, I’ll tell you… on the train in the morning and evening (2 hours), lunch-break (1 hour), and when I choose to work in the evening or weekend, then I’ll devote a few hours. So that’s at least 3 ‘extra’ hours I utilise per day, sometimes 6 or 7!

It’s fascinating and incredible what the human brain is capable of achieving when you focus it and challenge it. They say your mind is like a sponge when you’re a child but in my opinion this is even more apparent once we reach adulthood. The real difference is that as adults we are generally more in charge of what we learn, and it goes in deeper because we are willing participants in the knowledge-gathering game.

There are NO limits to what your mind can do, except those which you impose on yourself.

So why not test it? What would you do with a few more hours in your day?

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